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Private Garden

Our private garden at the heart of our home is the ideal spot for residents to relax. This space is perfect for residents to enjoy a short stroll or a spot of table-top gardening. We understand the importance of an active lifestyle and encourage outside activities where possible.

During the warmer months, we hold activities and events in the serene grounds. From enjoying afternoon tea and spending time surrounded by nature, to getting lost in a good book or a spot of gardening, residents are welcome to use this area however they wish.

Summertime at Alexander House

During the warmer months, we will aim to make the most of the lovely weather and enjoy our private gardens as much as possible. On sunny days, residents can enjoy BBQs and outdoor entertainment, as well as regular activity sessions such as arts & crafts at the comfortable outdoor seating area. Spending time outdoors brings a host of benefits to the elderly, including improving mental health, helping eliminate fatigue and encouraging social interaction.

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What You’ll Find at Alexander House

Alexander House Care Home has been thoughtfully created to ensure our residents’ wellbeing, fostering an environment of comfort, contentment, and a strong sense of belonging. Our residents are at the heart of our home, and we strive to empower our residents to live life their way.

Bird Feeders

Comfortable Seating

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Gardening Activities

Private Garden FAQs

Facilitating our residents’ access to the garden allows them to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors, engage in activities, and appreciate nature what nature has to offer. This fosters a range of mental and physical benefits, such as decreased stress and anxiety levels, heightened mood, improved cognitive performance, enhanced cardiovascular health, and strengthened physical stability and muscle power.

Our residents can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities in the garden, including walking, gardening, exercise sessions, reading, and, weather permitting, the opportunity to dine with loved ones, engage in outdoor arts and crafts, and appreciate live entertainment.

To make the garden area easily accessible for all residents, we have implemented various accommodations, including wheelchair-accessible paths, seating options for those with mobility challenges, secure fencing and gates, well-maintained pathways, proper lighting, and other safety features to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of all our residents.

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